In retrospect, I suppose that my memoirs were aptly named in that I have truly lived “a quixotic odyssey.”

I was born in Connecticut, and raised in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, but I have lived much of my life outside of the USA. My older daughter was born in Paris, my son in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and I met my wife in Tbilisi, Georgia.

My education has been under the tutelage of the Sisters of Charity in my formative years, by talented and inspiring teachers during my prep school years in New England, and by the Jesuit and lay professors at Georgetown University. My athletic pursuits ran parallel to academics, especially in football, where my inherent traits and abilities seemed to blossom.  

My multi-faceted “career” has been spent as a US Army Special Forces Officer, a CIA Operations Officer, an International Business Executive, a Hotel Owner/Innkeeper, Sales Director, Consultant and Entrepreneur. Like a kid in a candy store, I seem to have always had the impulsive tendency to “try new flavors.”

The greatest blessings of my life have been my devoted parents and siblings, my wonderful loving wife, and my three remarkably talented children. I have also been blessed with innumerable friends from all corners of the globe, who have endowed me with camaraderie and wisdom.

All in all, despite some occasional times of challenge or despair, I must admit that I have been one lucky guy.