Robert O. Morris

Warrior, Wanderer, Seeker, Dad


I began to put my life-long dream of writing into action when I had already entered my sixties; although I have now successfully published two books, with more in the pipeline, I cannot yet bring myself to say that I am an ‘author’. Perhaps, God willing, if I live long enough to bring those planned books to fruition, and if I can develop a significant following of readers, someday I might consider myself an author; however, for the moment, I see myself simply as a highly fortunate human being, who has been privileged to experience numerous rare pursuits, in many faraway places, and who is simply deeply motivated to share some of his stories.

When I wrote my memoirs, “Fighting Windmills; A Quixotic Odyssey,” my primary purpose was to create for my family and friends a lasting record of my rather unconventional life choices; foremost within that motivation was my fervent desire that my children would better understand their father’s raison d’etre. For me, the writing of my life’s story was not an act of ego or self-aggrandisement, it was purely and simply a labor of love for other human beings, both for those I know and cherish, as well as for those still unknown.

With my new novella, “The Georgian Beekeeper,” my motivation was pretty much the same; I wrote it as a tribute to my beloved Georgian family, and to the Georgian people, for whom I have developed so much admiration and respect. The specific inspiration for this book was my wife’s paternal grandmother, an extraordinary human being who passed away 8 years ago; Ksenia was truly a remarkable woman and family matriarch, who lived an exceptional life during incredibly challenging times, i.e. 20th century Georgia under the weight of Soviet rule. Having had the privilege to meet this incredible woman prior to her passing, and having been so impressed with the details and accomplishments of her life, I felt that I simply had to tell her wonderful story.

I would be honored if you would read my stories. My hope is to inspire a series of emotional responses from you, a warm feeling of love, a tear of joy or of sad remembrance, and the overriding recognition that the universe which we share is truly full of wonder. I hope that you will choose to read my books, and that they will bring you joy.